About Us

Axminster Property became a limited company in 2018 but our origins go back much further. Previously, our role was as an investment vehicle for Axminster Tools & Machinery, the biggest local employer and a market leader in tools and machinery.

As its former Managing Director, Ian Styles is now opening the independent property offshoot to a wider market. Having grown up  in the Axe Valley, he is committed to its future prosperity, and passionately believes that the local commercial property market can be a major driver.

As the main towns in the valley, Axminster, Seaton and Colyton are all currently enjoying a revival in their fortunes and are becoming a magnet for small and medium-sized independent businesses. By contributing to their growth potential and community strengths, we believe we can help to create a healthy local economy.

For us, the secret of good property management (commercial or residential) lies in quality. The guiding principles are that property that is built and maintained to a high standard will attract tenants who are themselves of high calibre. Treat them fairly while doing all you can to assist their growth, and they will be with you for the long term with the result that investors will enjoy a consistently good return on their money.

Our formula

  • Design, build and renovate to high standards
  • Identify reliable tenants looking for long term security
  • Offer units completely fitted to individual tenant needs
  • Charge realistic rents on long leases
  • Create tight management and maintenance plans
  • Aim for an annual return to investors of around 7%