Lyme Regis Bespoke Interiors, Axminster

Lyme Regis Bespoke Interiors needed more production space to expand its high-end joinery business. Axminster Property saw the potential in the young company and its value to its investors as a long term tenant.

It made it possible for Lyme Regis Bespoke Interiors to take just part of an existing building and then added a two-storey extension when its continuing success generated the need.

Lyme Regis Bespoke Interiors was conceived in 2018 by Samual Fuller with a background of over 15 years in the cabinet making and joinery industry. The company works with designers and architects to produce custom-made, high-end joinery from one-off pieces for residential properties through to large-scale projects for clients in a variety of industries.

Working with state of the art machinery and technology, the team at Lyme Regis Bespoke is made up of highly skilled individuals who pride themselves on listening to the client and producing designs and production techniques that meet their requirements. They place particular emphasis on the quality of their raw materials, and source sustainably so that their customers can be assured their project is not only of the highest standard but is also environmentally friendly.

As the name suggests, when Samuel originally set up the business it was destined to be based in Lyme Regis. However, with the size of the machinery used and raw materials to assemble, he was unable to secure suitable premises in that location and the decision was made to look further afield.

As a start up, initial requirements in terms of space and facilities were known. However, growth was key to the success of the business going forward and it was imperative that any premises had the flexibility for expansion.

Samuel approached Axminster Property, who were already involved with the development of industrial units at Seymour’s Yard on the Millwey Rise Industrial Estate in Axminster on behalf of a local pension fund.

From the outset, Axminster Property realised the potential of Lyme Regis Bespoke, not only as a successful business but also as a valuable, long term tenant whose growth it could support and move forward with. These factors were especially attractive to the landlord and investors who were looking for a sustainable tenant and income security.

Initially, and as they were unsure of how the business would grow, Samuel and his team committed to the back half of a building at 2,500 square feet, with an assurance from Axminster Property that it would extend the premises as and when it was required. In its new location, Lyme Regis Bespoke went from strength to strength and didn’t have to wait too long to take the extension, which was added in 2020, facilitated by Axminster Property and its investors.

The verdict

Samuel has this to say about working with Axminster Property: “We were grateful for the willingness to allow our brand new company to have occupancy and turn it into a fully equipped workshop. Our strong first-year growth quickly brought us to the point of needing more space. Again, Axminster Property willingly listened to our situation and responded by building a two-storey extension. The additional floor, assembly and office space provides us with the capacity to increase our London and overseas bound installations, as well as high quality bespoke manufacturing for the local community.”

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